Why is Tungsten non-replaceable metal?

In the time when the use of tungsten wire filament incandescent light bulb keeps on fading, then for what reason do we discuss this gray-metallic element? It’s all because of its unique properties that make tungsten wire indispensable in various significant items and applications.

Valuable Characteristics of Tungsten

Tungsten is a hardcore metal that is known for its high melting point. With a high melting point, Tungsten has numerous other properties that including:

  1. Strong electric resistance
  2. Resistance to oxidation and creep
  3. Great rigidity
  4. The lowest vapor pressure among all metals
  5. Strong tensile property

Tungsten has served industries quite a long because of its remarkable properties, sometimes based on unique properties and sometimes based on a combination of properties.

tungsten carbide balls its low vapor pressure and tensile strength above 3000°F due to its high melting point and capacity to hold its qualities at raised temperatures. Tungsten is regularly the material of decision for applications of extremely high-temperature.

Peoples are saying that changes are sure to happen and things have to be replaced with high-tech innovations. The facts confirm that the incandescent light bulb and the application of tungsten wire with its high usage in industries will change or be replaced with some high innovation one day.

Notwithstanding, it is obvious that, on account of its essential properties, there are applications for which there is no viable alternative for tungsten wire. Whichever of the component’s special arrangement of properties is fundamental — its low vapor pressure, high melting point, density, and thermal/electrical conductivity — there is regularly no alternate method to accomplish these properties than to have tungsten wire accessible for those applications.

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Use and Application of Customized Tungsten Carbide Material

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Carbide Products for Industrial Application

We produce with range of carbide products like rods, plates, bars, or stone cutting equipment. Our experts helps in customizing and providing the carbides based on the designs and drawing specification of the client. The tungsten carbide road is available in different size and length.

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Application of High End Tungsten Material

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